The Serena Andersen School has an international character. From linguistic and cultural openness to the centrality (but not exclusivity) of the English language; internationality has always characterized the Institute in particular. The School has been Cambridge English Preparation Center, since 2015, with the function of operating as an accredited center for the preparation of exams relating to Cambridge English language certifications (Cambridge English Qualifications).

From the 2019/2020 school year, the Serena Andersen School, with regard to Primary classes, has enjoyed exclusive registration as an Institute connected to the Cambridge Assessment International Education network. It is an absolute novelty absolute novelty in the panorama of primary schools in the area, a reason of particular pride for our school, which has become part of a prestigious elite of institutes. In more detail, it should be clarified that Cambridge Primary is an international education program, usually aimed at students aged 5 to 11. On the basis of the qualification recognized at the Serena Andersen Institute, following a careful check and a positive evaluation, with regard to the Primary classes, the teaching offer, in the context of the English language, is now managed by experts in the field of Cambridge Assessment International Education, and is therefore in line with the programs implemented within the selective network of qualified schools. This, of course, without prejudice to the didactic training in Italian, in line with the ministerial indications. For the performance of such programs, a special qualification of native teachers is required, required to access specific training courses. The opportunity for such an exclusive training is unmissable! The greater value of the training curriculum of students who follow a course in line with the Cambridge Assessment International Education network is undeniable. It is a value deriving from the most qualified training received, from its wider uses, but, above all, from the greater open-mindedness that is intrinsic to this type of path.


Bilingualism - Cambridge

In the school and social landscape, a certain lexical and substantial confusion in the use of the concepts of 'bilingual' school and 'international' school is particularly widespread.
Joy, play, tenderness, charm, time, perception, experimentation, exploration, discovery, knowledge.
From 24 months onwards you can access a path full of nuances.
The intensity of the commitment grows and the objectives are enriched once they reach the nursery school, divided, according to our educational plan, into four sections, marked by different age groups, which range from 3 to 6 years.
The transition from Kindergarten to Primary School is also particularly delicate, being characterized by the even more intense evolution in the growth, education and education of pupils, who will travel the new path fed by the fundamental principles of school life and by the lessons learned in previous years, especially in the Transition phase.

Extra and Services


Among the imperatives of our educational approach, the need to continually urge children to explore the external and internal world stands out, creating, moving, knowing. This certainly occurs through teaching in the strict sense, but also through the many and exclusive activities offered within our extra activities, in particular, in our afternoon courses.


The service offered by Andersen Play & Party, managed with passion by our baby party Planner, Lucia, deeply inspired by the pedagogical philosophy of the Serena Andersen School, was born with the specific objective of making each party a unique experience.


Serena Summer Camp represents a service aimed at children between 3 and 12 years of age, to spend some time with a summer flavor together, with the aim of having fun, but also of studying, albeit with the lightness that the summer brings.


A shuttle service is available upon request, which reaches different locations, for a fee. The school bus has an assistant on board.


We believe that food affects the health, growth, education and lifestyle ofchildren in an extremely significant way. It is therefore our priority to give importance to the role assumed by the school canteen: it not only provides the main meal of the day, but also and above all the opportunity to get to know and experience healthy nutrition. Thus, the time of school meals is considered by us in all respects an educational moment.


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