We deeply believe in the need to achieve a real and constant involvement of parents in the educational path of pupils, without this leading to an overlapping of roles.

In line with the cd. Pact of Co-responsibility, we foresee multiple mechanisms of participation of the family that range from the initial co-presence of the parents with the educators within the nursery to the specifically designed tools of involvement, which are aimed at meeting the needs of dialogue and collaboration suitable to implement the indispensable educational alliance between school and family. In fact, both social institutions are holders, in different ways, but with equal dignity, of the delicate task of raising and training children as balanced and peaceful people.

• Tutorial interviews
In addition to the daily discussion that takes place between educators and parents when they leave school, special meetings are planned three times a year, during which it is possible to access a broader and more in-depth overview of the path taken from time to time, with reference to strictly understood teaching and to all other aspects of pupils’ growth and education.

• Pedagogical meetings
Our Institute proposes open meetings with experts in child education in support of parenting. They take place, from time to time, according to specific issues of significant and objective interest in the path of growth and education of children, ranging from the most complex problem of cyberbullying to the everyday and only prima facie trivial theme of ‘whims’ apparently unmotivated.

** To find out about the scheduled meetings, contact our secretariat.

• Listening desk
The Institute also provides families with some moments of private meeting with a psycho-pedagogical expert, in order to deepen even the most delicate educational and social aspects in the child’s growth.

• Student—Led Conferences
At the end of the year, families are invited to attend our Student – Led Conferences, during which the children of the School present their work during the year to their parents, as a time when a greater awareness of the path is realized carried out, with maturation of the results achieved and satisfaction in sharing them. These events, to be considered very useful in the pupils’ learning process, on the one hand, make the school activity more transparent and, on the other hand, offer parents an important opportunity for involvement.


Our history
and our pedagogical philosophy

The fulcrum around which all the activities offered by the Institute gravitate are children, who must not only be expertly inspired, but above all elected as a source of inspiration for educators.
Joy, play, tenderness, charm, time, perception, experimentation, exploration, discovery, knowledge.
From 24 months onwards you can access a path full of nuances.
The intensity of the commitment grows and the objectives are enriched once they reach the nursery school, divided, according to our educational plan, into four sections, marked by different age groups, which range from 3 to 6 years.
The transition from Kindergarten to Primary School is also particularly delicate, being characterized by the even more intense evolution in the growth, education and education of pupils, who will travel the new path fed by the fundamental principles of school life and by the lessons learned in previous years, especially in the Transition phase.

Extra and Services


Among the imperatives of our educational approach, the need to continually urge children to explore the external and internal world stands out, creating, moving, knowing. This certainly occurs through teaching in the strict sense, but also through the many and exclusive activities offered within our extra activities, in particular, in our afternoon courses.


The service offered by Andersen Play & Party, managed with passion by our baby party Planner, Lucia, deeply inspired by the pedagogical philosophy of the Serena Andersen School, was born with the specific objective of making each party a unique experience.


Serena Summer Camp represents a service aimed at children between 3 and 12 years of age, to spend some time with a summer flavor together, with the aim of having fun, but also of studying, albeit with the lightness that the summer brings.


A shuttle service is available upon request, which reaches different locations, for a fee. The school bus has an assistant on board.


We believe that food affects the health, growth, education and lifestyle ofchildren in an extremely significant way. It is therefore our priority to give importance to the role assumed by the school canteen: it not only provides the main meal of the day, but also and above all the opportunity to get to know and experience healthy nutrition. Thus, the time of school meals is considered by us in all respects an educational moment.


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