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Atelier role

Over the last few years, the “Reggio Emilia” approach has inspired our teaching philosophy. Following the “hundred languages” concept, our ateliers offer children the opportunity to express their creativity using different materials. Their flair activates their hands, mind and emotions and the ateliers stimulate imagination, passion and senses.


Atelier di Pittura

Painting Atelier

This atelier is a place where children can paint freely and spontaneously. Painting is a “game”, in which they express an image of themselves mainly by scribbling. A scribble is an expression of visual joy as they leave traces with their movements, and in time this will help them develop personality and individuality.

Sensory atelier

Sensory experiences boost children’s growth and harmony. Our “sensory box”, filled with various materials, stimulates touch, hearing, taste, sight and smell, but also their curiosity and enthusiasm.

Atelier Sensoriale

Atelier di Design

Design Atelier

The design atelier has been created to give children a “making” space: a creative input to stimulate their potential. The classroom has a cognitive space, where the teacher explains; a material room, where different materials are used (wood, paper, plastic, fabric, food, etc); a light table on which they can play with translucent, transparent and opaque materials. The table is made from unbreakable glass that allows children to cut, carve and work safely.


Bilingual project is a major educational and cultural advantage as it allows children to improve their communication skills.



Painting, creativity, reading, theater, music and many other activities stimulate children to discover the world around them.



Besides our regular didactic activities, we offer all students (and not ) additional training.


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