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About us

Founded by the Petrella sisters in 1978, Serena is a school based on intellectual and emotional growth. For over thirty years, the school was directed by Mrs. Michelteresa Petrella, who dedicated herself to their education, motivated by her love for children. She has always maintained a serene and familiar environment, that distinguished and characterized her during the years; a place where children learn from experience and families find dialogue and collaboration during their growth.

We have passionately focused our learning principals on both the Montessori method and other well-known methods that stress development of great character, with the mantra good students, good people. Our school prepares students with practical life skills for the future. We take into account our students individual needs and encourage the expression of personality. Here, children learn both conceptual and practical skills that accelerate their learning potential and life skills in the future. We aim to teach children to develop their choices, attitudes, and future vocations on the fundamentals of respect, politeness, civility and tolerance. We also stress great harmony in the family environment.

At Serena we strive to provide the best for our children and we are constantly developing new learning techniques combining traditional methods with modern developments. Our passion is our pride and it shows in the enthusiasm and happiness that our youth has displayed over the years. Our student’s smiling faces give meaning to our work and our fundamental cause.



Bilingual project is a major educational and cultural advantage as it allows children to improve their communication skills.



Painting, creativity, reading, theater, music and many other activities stimulate children to discover the world around them.



Besides our regular didactic activities, we offer all students (and not ) additional training.


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