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English courses

Serena Andersen institute will be holding afternoon English language courses from October 2015 for children aged 3-10. Children will be taught by professional and fully qualified native language English teachers with a fun, exciting and stimulating approach.

Roller skating

Roller skating classes (on four wheels) are held in our gym. The class aims to improve children’s balance and movement coordination in a fun way. Children aged 5-10 are admitted. Contact us for further information.

Play-dance classes

This after school activity promotes rhythm, posture and self-discipline. Dancing whilst playing allows children to express emotions and ideas spontaneously. Children aged 3-10 are admitted. Contact us for further information.


Mini—tennis and Mini—volleyball

Mini-tennis and mini-volleyball classes are fun and stimulating activities that have been readapted to suit young children. They become familiar with rackets, nets and various ball sizes. Classes are held in our gym, for children aged 5-10. Contact us for further information.


Yoga for children

Yoga for children classes are held in our gym. Yoga helps strengthen the skeleton, improves breathing and flexibility, but it is also benefits the behavioural sphere as it channels aggressiveness and energy, developing patience, calm and perseverance. Contact us for further information.



Kapla is a highly educational block-stacking and building game. It contains elements of architecture and creative arts. It stimulates logical thinking, cognitive development, perseverance, fantasy, concentration and teamwork. The blocks (11,7 cm long, 2,3 cm wide and 0,8 cm high) are made from cultivated pine wood, squared to build without glueing, and in accordance with all European safety standards. 
Kapla is played on the floor and involves children and teachers.
 Children play happily and automatically acquire the right posture as Kapla is also a balancing game. There are infinite building possibilities, all with the aim of artistic creation.



Bilingual project is a major educational and cultural advantage as it allows children to improve their communication skills.



Painting, creativity, reading, theater, music and many other activities stimulate children to discover the world around them.



Besides our regular didactic activities, we offer all students (and not ) additional training.


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