Timber by EMSIEN-3 LTD

Painting and Creativity

Children develop creativity experimenting with colour. They gradually learn to interpret the world around them.

Physical Education

Children learn through functional movement. It encourages communication, to respect rules and promotes listening skills.


Environmental conservation project

We teach children to respect and value the environment, to recycle, reuse and not waste natural resources.

Road safety project

This project involves both social and road safety as it teaches children the rules of the road and how to keep safe at all times.

Healthy eating project

Children are taught about nutrition and the importance of healthy eating.

Elements project

Children experiment and create to learn about fire, earth, water and air.

Music Lab

Music is taught according to the Orff-Schulwerk method, internationally known as one of the main influences in music education. Orff-Schulwerk is an active and creative way of making music. The characteristic element is teaching music-movement-word as one, involving the whole person, individually and in groups. The aim of Orff-Schulwerk is to allow children to approach music in all its aspects; not just to learn the name of musical notes but allow them to create a vocabulary based exclusively on their experiences to make their own music. They will later be able to transfer the acquired skills to playing musical instruments.


Reading Lab

This laboratory encourages children to approach and enjoy reading, stimulating them to discover, imagine, create, listen and play.

Theatre Lab

Our theatre lab focuses on children’s ability and desire to play. Both performing and watching plays help children get to know themselves better and develop the ability of evaluate.


Arts and crafts Lab

Various arts and crafts based on using their senses and creativity improve independence, competence and the ability to express themselves.

French Lab

Our French lab is an additional step towards the knowledge of another language and culture to promote a proper European Identity.


Bilingual project is a major educational and cultural advantage as it allows children to improve their communication skills.



Painting, creativity, reading, theater, music and many other activities stimulate children to discover the world around them.



Besides our regular didactic activities, we offer all students (and not ) additional training.


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