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Teaching Methods

Following National Guidelines, we focus our teaching tools around games, drama, self-knowledge and cultural connections. Not only are we focused on the educational development of our students but on the social, cultural and emotional development as well. We have found that our methods facilitate transition to primary school. Our disciplinary approach involves both modern and traditional approaches, with the awareness of modern culture. Well aware that we shape the minds and lives of future citizens, we constantly stimulate each child’s potential and curiosity, encouraging our students to be well-rounded individuals. Our curriculum is based on communication and each child’s learning pace. Our teachers are professionals and act as companions and researchers in each child’s learning adventure. Our democratic and supportive style of education encourages children’s independence, it makes room for dialogue and encourages solidarity and collaboration in class, focusing on the mental and physical well-being of our students. We do ask for family support by trying to integrate the families as much as possible into the educational growth of their children.

Nursery (0 - 24 months)

Our nursery (0 - 24 months old) takes care of babies and toddlers with tenderness and affection, patience and joy. Infants play while getting to know the world around them, stimulating their psychological, emotional and physical growth. Sensory activities are based on discovering and experimenting every-day emotions and notions using all their senses.

Integration and parent involvement
Starting nursery represents a delicate step in babies and parents lives. To ensure that infants adjust well to the new environment, parents and teachers remain together usually for a two week period. We arrange meetings or personal encounters during which we offer parents advice or suggestions, and talk about the infants to assure serenity and general well-being.

Our nursery is open Monday to Friday 8:30 – 16:00 from September to June. A pre-school service is available from 7:45 am. We recommend annual attendance to ensure continuity with teachers and school environment. Summer camp is available in July (optional). We accept applications from January-June for the next school year. Please contact us for application forms and further information.

Nursery Teaching activities, carried out mainly in Italian, are supplemented by lessons in English that focus mainly on phonemes at this stage. Our qualified native English teachers approach children in a natural, spontaneous and kind manner.


At 24 months old, a more “challenging” journey begins to prepare children for pre-school, learning new linguistic, expressive and motor skills. Like all transitional years, this is an important and delicate passage in children’s personal and educational growth.


Children enjoy a pleasant and colorful school, furnished with care and suitable for them. At their disposal, there is also an outdoor space for physical and recreational activities. The equipment they use enables them to develop creativity, practical work and social-emotional growth. The distinctive feature of our teaching is based on games. Through games children acquire new information. Our teaching plan includes three sections, divided into age groups from 3-6. In our educational programmes we give importance to the development of abilities and the achievement of skills in all fields of experience. We focus our attention on the BODY which conveys emotions, feelings and children’s needs. In addition, we let them understand their body in order to MOVE, in terms of time and space. We allow children to become aware of others through games and activities which emphasize the importance of "WORKING TOGETHER". We use DRAMA in order to make children aware of their ability of expression and communication. We lead them to the KNOWLEDGE and DISCOVERY of the world through the five senses and iconic-graphic languages. During reception year, children work on activities aimed at approaching the written and spoken language (pre-reading, pre-writing, pre-calculus). They extend their knowledge in specific laboratories.

Primary school

Our primary school has one section for each class. Classrooms are all on the same floor. In addition to the classrooms, the school has indoor and outdoor facilities shared by all students. Primary school didactics aim at teaching subjects in compliance with the Ministry programs. Our objective is the development of the person taking into account the learning process of each student. We base our teaching activities not on the mere transmission of knowledge, but on students’ engagement to reflection and collaboration. We want to develop the ability to interconnect subjects, so that students get a unified vision of knowledge. Subjects such as: Italian, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science, English, Arts, Physical Education, Technology and Music are taught by reconnecting to real-life and personal situations and they are implemented by laboratories aimed at practicing children’s most interesting aspects of learning. From the rules of “knowledge” to the rules of life, from arguments to reasoning, from pleasure to a sense of duty we lay the foundation for an excellent preparation for life, not only for school.


Bilingual project is a major educational and cultural advantage as it allows children to improve their communication skills.



Painting, creativity, reading, theater, music and many other activities stimulate children to discover the world around them.



Besides our regular didactic activities, we offer all students (and not ) additional training.


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